Red Manacle as a studio directly relates to who we are as creative individuals.  We're a bunch of guys who made Serious Games for the DOD for years, got tired of the grind and decided to get do our own thing!  We sincerely hope you enjoy our games!


Honestly, making games is a lot of fun but its also HARD!  At Red Manacle, our sense of humor is what helps us as a team work together better and get through some of the tougher times with the daily grind of it all.  Always remember to laugh, have fun and enjoy what your doing!

At Red Manacle our geek culture shines above all else!  If its Si-Fy, Fantasy, Super Heroes, Ghouls & Ghosts, Cartoons, Toys, Games, Movies, you name it, we LIVE it!  Growing up in a geek culture was the best!  Its what inspires us to create!  

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Our goal?  Simple.  Make cool games that people love.  That and make it to the big leagues or at least on stage at a game show or something like that!  

This is an easy one.  Our mission?  Make something creatively new!  Our games may have familiar themes or ideas but we try our best to make everything we create feel fresh and different.  I mean really, who want to keep remaking the same old stuff, over and over?  Not us, that's for sure!  New ideas are top shelf around here!

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